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Solar Panel Cleaning To Safely Maintain Your Edmond Solar Power System

Solar panel-cleaning

The solar panels on your Edmond home are an investment. The best way to get the most out of that investment is by scheduling regular solar panel cleaning with a certified, insured team of experts like Maag Pressure Washing. Our diligent team has the expertise to safely clear away accumulated dirt from your solar panel surface, allowing the energy-saving appliance to perform at its best.

Solar panels need to be cleaned, but they also need to be treated very carefully. PV panels can crack if too much pressure is used on them or if you attempt to wash the panels when they're at too high of heat. At Maag Pressure Washing, our team has the expertise to handle this delicate task. We know the perfect amount of pressure to apply, what temperature the panel should be at before being cleaned, and how to quickly perform the task even from a one or two-story height. We also carefully inspect your panels during every solar panel cleaning, bringing any issues to your attention so you can quickly get them fixed.

Installing and owning solar panels is a great way to improve your home's energy efficiency. Still, those panels can't perform at their best without regular solar panel cleaning services. Call Maag Pressure Washing to learn more about how solar panel cleaning for your Edmond home can make all the difference!

PV Panel Washing

Solar panels serve a great purpose and often require little maintenance as the technology is built to last. However, natural pollutants can quickly build up on the surface of your home's solar panels, meaning they're taking in less light and producing less energy. Dirt, bird poop, pollen, and more can stick and stay on the surface of your solar panels. If you notice a significant tick in your panels' energy production, give us a call! We can inspect and clean the panels, restoring them to new conditions.

Solar Panel Specialists

Solar panels can be incredibly fragile, so it's best to leave their cleaning in the hands of the experts. At Maag Pressure Washing, our family-owned company has been serving our community, providing top-rated pressure washing for Edmond home and business owners. We have the skills, knowledge, and patience to cleanse your solar panels gently so they're free of dirt and debris without causing any damage to their structure.

If you're hoping to get your home's topside areas cleaned, schedule an additional roof cleaning or gutter cleaning service with us! We're happy to get the height of your home looking better and performing as it should!


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